Bowdark Consulting: Delivering Transparency to the SAP Sector

James Wood, Owner & Founder, Bowdark ConsultingJames Wood, Owner & Founder
Systems, applications and products in data processing- the technology that is known worldwide as SAP, has been the integrating factor that has held various contrasting dimensions of the business world together for decades. With the German IT giant now coming up with newer and more advanced technologies such as S4 Hana, it has become a mandate for companies associated with the software to keep their systems updated. To this end SAP services consultants have played a crucial role in helping companies glean insights on the latest updates in technology and where they can procure the best solutions in the market. One such SAP consultant is Texas based firm Bowdark. Conceived in 2006 by entrepreneur couple James and Andrea Wood, this company was brought to life through their passion for the technology despite their contrasting professional backgrounds. James and Andrea wanted to start a mid size firm that specialized in consulting, which was guided by them and helped them deliver solutions ‘the right way’.
Having constantly grown over the past decade, Bowdark has been successful in developing a service module that incorporated multiple offerings. The organization has been instrumental in guiding SAP consumers, who embark on the endeavour thinking that it will be smooth sailings throughout the course of the project. According to Wood, the greatest challenge that Bowdark faces in its business ventures is in terms of educating clients about the complexities of the SAP infrastructure and helping them adapt to and combat these challenges. This added to the level of contrast between each progressing ERP implementation makes service delivery a daunting task that Bowdark overcomes every day.

Covering a broad technology base, Bowdark has put itself in a position of advantage where it is able to cope with the changing landscape of newer technology such as S4 Hana and the diversification with hybrid landscapes both on premise and in Cloud. The company’s ability to navigate through the sweet spots of all the different technologies and helping the systems communicate with each other is its core competency.

With a focus on solutions that are both best fit and less time consuming Bowdark is able to translate their technical expertise into service potential. Bowdark through technical expertise can aid companies in re-imagining their architecture through S4 Hana to one single code base that could span all the different scenarios created by the existence of a wide customer base. Knowledge on the positioning of the various technologies within the market and its advantages is a tool that can prove to be quite useful in navigating today’s dynamic IT infrastructure. The small team of elite consultants at Bowdark work closely with their clients in helping them understand and analyse the various technologies and how they are related to their existent in-house technical competencies and how to update them accordingly. Bowdark helps their clients produce a roadmap that will enable them to strategize their business. Enabling the consumers to obtain a wider range of choices in SAP Bowdark has been successful in carving a niche for itself. Having established a clientele comprised primarily of elite companies such as Lockheed Martin and Thesaura Corp, Bowdark now seeks to grow organically in size and service proficiency, evolving one step at a time whilst retaining the core values upon which the company was built.
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Bowdark Consulting

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James Wood, Owner & Founder

A SAP NetWeaver professional services company that offers full scale support in enterprise development using ABAP objects, Java/J2EE, and web-based technologies

"Bowdark's ability to navigate through the sweet spots of all the different technologies and helping the systems communicate with each other is its core competency"

- James Wood, Owner & Founder

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