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Vinayak Javedekar, Managing Director, VACS TechnologyVinayak Javedekar, Managing Director
During the past millennium, the IT industry has deployed various technologies that have significantly contributed to streamlining business processes across various industry sectors. The key areas of development are in the areas of ERP, Mobile applications, Data warehousing, Security and Cloud computing. Amongst all these technologies, SAP stands out as one of the highlights. Integrating the business world, SAP has been the Ying to the Yang that is the IT industry, giving it a reason to exist and flourish the way it has. Having established itself as the go-to application for most business concerns, SAP has integrated itself into almost every business system. Given its vast history, SAP is a frontier that cannot be embarked upon without an in-depth knowledge of the subject.

This is exactly what VACS Technology prides itself in providing. By providing innovative solutions through SAP for corporates to enhance their businesses, VACS has established itself as the purveyor of value added SAP services.

Incorporated in 2006, this Mumbai (India)-based firm offers a wide range of SAP-oriented services that cover several industry verticals. Led by a team of five partners each with over 20 years of experience in the SAP Practice to leverage, VACS is able to offer expert SAP solutions.
Over the years the organization has developed its own tested and proven methodology of service delivery that encompasses the entire SDLC (System Development Life Cycle) of SAP project implementation, solution development and service engagement. Through this methodology VACS is able to implement both onsite and remote delivery models, along with providing post delivery support through telephones, online portals and onsite troubleshooting.

Over the years VACS has been successful in incorporating three core aspects into their service module- SAP Services, SAP Solutions and SAP Education. Under its SAP Services offering, VACS has a multitude of Services which include SAP implementation, SAP Application Management and Support, SAP Business Intelligence and Analytics, SAP Mobility, SAP process integration and SAP process improvements. These services form the bulk of VACS’ SDLC of SAP project implementation.

While the organization has an impressive list of services at its disposal, its core competency lies in its innovative implementation of the solutions it has to offer. These wedded with the cutting edge technologies at the company’s disposal help deliver results par industry standards at lower costs. “VACS’ solutions help enterprises enhance their business efficiency and improve market leadership in a cost-effective manner,” reiterates Vinayak Javadekar, Managing Director, VACS. The various SAP solutions developed by VACS are intended to cater to the areas of SAP Financials, SAP Logistics and SAP Manufacturing. VACS has developed three major flagship solutions, which are:

- Electronic Banking Interface for SAP (eBINS): used to automate and integrate SAP with internet banking for payments and collections

- Import accounting for SAP (iMPACTS): used to automate and integrate SAP with customs authorities, freight and vendor concerns

- Weighing and Dispensing for SAP (wINDS): used for automation and integration of shop-floor processes with SAP

Education is another field that VACS has made its mark in. With the support of its highly experienced leadership board, VACS is able to offer training and certification programmes to aspiring professionals who seek to enter the world of SAP. Its unique post-certification internship program provides its certified students with real-life SAP project experience, ensuring quick transformation from “SAP Ready” certified student to “Job Ready” professional.
Through the expertise and infrastructure it has built through its decade long existence, VACS has been successful in establishing itself in the U.K, North American and Sub European Markets.
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Vinayak Javedekar, Managing Director

A SAP services provider that offers SAP centric solutions through an agile delivery model

"By providing innovative solutions through SAP for corporates to enhance their businesses, VACS has established itself as the purveyor of value added SAP services"

- Vinayak Javedekar, Managing Director

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