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Top 10 Dealership Management Solution Companies - 2021

Today, automotive dealers who rely on old and antiquated customer engagement processes find it hard to compete against dealerships that have digitalized their operations as customers expect more tech-driven and sophisticated experiences. This customer-driven market evolution is driving a majority of dealers to update their legacy systems to mobile platforms and cloud to engage customers and build data for future references.

Today, most customers ask for personalized treatment from their automotive dealers and hope to gain value out of their car buying experience. And with a dealership management solution, a dealership can automate cumbersome tasks, optimize processes, and simplify customers’ ability to communicate their needs to the dealer effectively. AI-powered solutions also eliminate instances of human intervention, reducing the

likelihood of errors and maximizing overall efficiencies. Alternatively, on the operational side, dealers can assess sales reports and financial performances of their team via the dealership management solution’s reporting and analytics modules.

Companies today are being constantly challenged by a decrease in turnaround time, stringent quality measures, audit compliances, and increasing globalization. In light of this, it has become imperative that firms structure their processes to align with market opportunities and adopt the right technology to serve their customers better and gain a competitive edge. This edition of Auto Tech Outlook features companies at the forefront of delivering auto dealership management solutions. Auto Tech Outlook’s editorial board has assessed and shortlisted some of the most prominent organizations in the industry. We present to you the “Top 10 Auto Dealership Management Solution Companies – 2021.”

    Top Dealership Management Solution Companies

  • Automotive Product Consultants (APC) is an experienced, proven leader in post-sale VSC marketing for the last 20 years in the automotive industry. The company partners with administrators, original equipment manufacturers (OEM), auto finance companies, affinity organizations, and dealers to help them earn additional revenue with “turn-key” revenue-producing programs enabling incremental service contract sales that are no-cost, highly acclaimed branded programs with no associated risk. APC leverages a highly sophisticated data modeling platform, state-of-the-art mail equipment, and email marketing platform, developed and perfected over the last 20 years, to market VSCs


  • AutoSource Group is an innovative vehicle marketing services provider that has pioneered live videos in a way never envisioned in a dealership environment before. The company provides auto dealers with interactive vehicle marketing features, including excellent photos and engaging videos to convert shoppers into buyers. The automotive inventory management tool by AutoSource streamlines a dealer’s existing sales and marketing process. The company’s platform also offers video presentations & 360-degree walk-a-rounds for vehicles to provide dealers with the best online presentations. Additionally, AutoSource has developed tools and apps that enable effective dealer inventory management and increase the speed to market


  • With our fully immersive car sales management software, used-car dealers can stock inventory, trade cars, and even compare between different market data like never before. In order to simplify the car appraisal process, DealersLink has developed an end-to-end inventory appraisal platform called Fastbook. Using this platform, DealersLink clients can scan over 50,000 online dealership sites in a matter of minutes to collate the most accurate true-market retail data and evaluate any vehicle easily. This real-time data can help the auto dealers in assessing whether they’re pricing a trade-in correctly and what could be expected profit margin


  • CDK Global

    CDK Global

    CDK is a technology company with a singular focus. Their priority is to make it easier for dealerships of all types to excel, and do it by developing integrated technology that optimizes, streamlines, and assists daily operations all backed by data-derived business insight. At CDK Global, they are committed to helping dealers connect to and serve their customer base while growing their businesses in the way in which they envision

  • Cox Automotive

    Cox Automotive

    Cox Automotive offers a complete set of solutions for the automotive dealer. The company goes further to connect pillars of their industry to drive results for their full universe of clients, including dealers, lenders, OEMs and consumers. From inventory and marketing to sales and service, through each stage of a car’s life, they’re connected to the process. Cox Automotive solutions focus on continually improving their products to create faster vehicle transactions, enabling consumers to have a seamless online-to-offline experience

  • DealerSocket


    DealerSocket serves over 9,000 automotive dealerships with best-in-class solutions for customer relationship management, digital retailing/marketing, websites, inventory management and analytics solutions, as well as leading enterprise-level dealership management systems. DealerSocket solutions transform the automotive experience with innovations and unparalleled, award-winning customer service

  • Dominion Enterprises

    Dominion Enterprises

    Dominion Enterprises is more than a marketplace to connect buyers and sellers. Their commitment to innovation and service is evidenced through their leading-edge technology — from website design, franchise opportunities Internet and email marketing, to data management and distribution. These critical business services are provided to more than 650,000 customers and are geared toward helping businesses reach consumers in new and better ways

  • goIDit


    goIDit provides simple solutions that produce big results. Their pre-printed QR codes link every vehicle in customers inventory directly to its VDP on their website. Customers simply scan them for a safe contactless shopping experience. This allows users to capture high-quality leads from its on-lot shoppers and effectively present the latest pricing and incentives information.

  • GSFSGroup


    GSFSGroup specializes in a unique approach to dealer solutions. With over 38 years of successful experience in all aspects of dealership operations, their mission is to become an indispensable partner in identifying customers’ business needs and transforming their organization. At GSFSGroup, their long-term success is the result of balancing traditional values with a progressive, proactive approach to business. Their vitality and passion for the automotive industry is matched only by the level of stability, perspective and wisdom that comes from three decades of experience

  • The Reynolds and Reynolds

    The Reynolds and Reynolds

    Reynolds and Reynolds develops and supports software for automotive retailers. They feature the industry’s only Retail Management System. This platform gives dealers a choice in dealership management systems (DMS) — ERA-IGNITE or POWER — along with retailing tools built to work together to streamline dealership operations and to improve customer satisfaction with the dealership. The company also manufacture and distribute business forms and promotional items. Their products help dealers reduce compliance risk, brand their dealership, increase efficiency, and simplify administrative processes

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