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Top 10 Auto Dealership Management Solution Companies - 2019

In a technology-driven world, automotive dealers are often overwhelmed with technology. There arises a dire need to invest in a technologically advanced dealer management system to provide customers with technologies that save time, offer convenience, and above all, luxury.

By leveraging the potential of virtual reality, it is possible to acquaint customers with the look and feel of car interiors by offering a 360-degree experience. Auto dealers can also rent and lease vehicles on the website after making financial approvals online. With a DMS, a dealership can automate quite a few functions to optimize and simplify them. Tasks like workflow management, task reminders, report generation, invoice generation, insurance and tax calculations, are performed by a DMS. It removes the need for human intervention and reduces the likelihood of errors in the absence of manual processes. The reporting and analytics modules can be used to view and assess sales reports based on different factors such as sales numbers, financial figures, etc. It can also be used to keep track of employee sale targets and accordingly, create performance reports.

Businesses today are being constantly challenged by a decrease in turnaround time, stringent quality measures, audit compliances, and increasing globalization. It is, therefore, imperative that they structure their processes to align with market opportunities and adopt the right technology to serve their customers better and gain a competitive edge. This edition of Auto Tech Outlook features companies that are at the forefront of delivering auto dealership management solutions. Auto Tech Outlook’s editorial board has assessed and shortlisted some of the most prominent organizations in the industry. We present to you – “Top 10 Auto Dealership Management Solution Providers – 2019”.

    Top Auto Dealership Management Solution Companies

  • The company provides cutting-edge multichannel digital marketing solutions and dealer management systems (DMS) for a range of auto dealers, including auto, truck, motorcycle, marine, and other recreational vehicles. The integrated solutions leverage unstructured data to derive meaningful insights, predictable trends, and actionable insights to enable automobile dealers to make informed decisions. CDK Global’s next-gen DMS—Autoline Drive improves dealership performance by attracting more customers through myriad marketing channels, including emails, telesales campaigns, and text messages. Autoline Drive offers a suite of powerful functionalities, such as interactivity, reporting, analytics, and a 360-degree view of the customer to help them overcome the hurdles of challenging bits in running an auto dealership. The company’s end-to-end DMS solution encompasses a range of ‘integrated, add-on’ services to reduce the need for third-party applications and multiple software providers

  • Established in 2005, the company currently provides replacement parts-and-accessories inventory planning and management services as well as dealership consulting, performance reports and workshop training programs. These services are provided primarily to automobile and truck dealerships at this time but can be applied easily to other industries as well. SmartCo's primary product is a sophisticated, proprietary inventory management program named PartsEye™. This program is used by dealerships throughout the US, Canada, Mexico and in other parts of the world to optimize inventory in their parts departments at the lowest practical cost by analyzing their historical sales data and making recommendations concerning the parts and accessories that each dealership should carry in inventory, the quantity of each part number to carry and the time when replacements should be purchased. The resulting inventory maximizes off-the-shelf fill rates, sales and profits while helping to minimize the buildup of future obsolescence

  • Offers a video-first communication platform that harbors transparency and trust between auto dealerships, repair shops, and car resellers. One of the top auto dealership management solution providers, TruVideo offers a video and texting platform that offers specific solutions for services, sales, and condition reporting, including texting and mobile payment tools. TruVideo allows repair shops to record and send custom videos to customers, and dealerships to respond to customer inquiries on pre-owned vehicles through personalized videos. Additionally, dealerships can send time-stamped videos comparing the wear-and-tear on a vehicle before and after it was handed over to the new owner

  • automanager


    Established in 1984, AutoManager provides smarter solutions for dealers. The two major products of AutoManager are DeskManager, which is a dealer management software, and WebManager, a dealer marketing platform. DeskManager deals with Inventory Management, F&I Calculations, Buy Here Pay Here, Lease & Lease Here Pay Here, Custom Reports and Contracts, Lender Connectivity, and QuickBooks Integration. On another hand, WebManager manages with Responsive Website Design, Custom Website Building Interface SEO, Exports to 100+ Websites, Manage Inventory with Mobile App, and Integrates with DeskManager Software. AutoManager now serves thousands of users across the U.S. and Canada

  • Automatrix


    Automatrix Miami Gardens is specialized in Automotive, Software, Dealership Management System, CRM, Independent Dealership, Vehicle Merchandising, Inventory Management System, Vehicle Recon Software, Buy Here Pay Here, Lease Here Pay Here, Mobile DMS, DMS, Consulting & Training, Human Resources Software, Analytics, Reporting, Desking Software, Automotive Deals Software, F&I Menu Software, and Dealership Floor Conversions. AutomatriX is the only total dealer management software designed specifically for an Independent Dealer. Headquartered in Miami Gardens, Florida Automatrix Miami was founded in 2010. They have taken over fifty years of dealership experience and merged it with an infusion of java, iOS (iPad, iPhone), android,, and PHP based technologies to come up with the most cutting edge software applications in the dealership market to date



    Founded in 1996, DealerCenter is a privately held company based in Los Angeles, California. DealerCenter is an all-in-one, web-based dealership management solution for the independent used car dealer. Together with their partners, they have created the most advanced Dealer Management System in the market. DealerCenter is a unique multi-lender platform using RouteOne and Dealertrack. The proprietary instant deal decision automation lets dealers expedite the deal submission and approval process for preferred lenders such as Westlake Financial Services, Western Funding, and Flagship Credit Acceptance. From booking services and credit reports to contracts and online marketing solutions, DealerCenter helps dealers take control of their business

  • Dealertrack


    Dealertrack, as a part of the Cox Automotive family, provides market-leading digital solutions for automotive retail. Dealtrack's unique ability to combine dealer perspectives, consumer insights, and technologist-fueled innovations have helped to create a marketing, sales, and operations platform that, together with one of the most significant online credit application in North America is enabling the transformation one of the world's most essential and dynamic industries. The company is specialized in Automotive, Technology, Lender Solutions, and Dealer Solutions. Through their Dealertrack and products, they help dealerships optimize their business

  • Frazer


    Headquartered in Canton, New York, Frazer provides full-featured used car dealer software to independent auto dealers. Frazer's goals have always been simple to provide dealers with a high-quality, easy-to-use Dealer Management System, at an affordable price, while ensuring that friendly, knowledgeable support staff is there to back it up. Since 1985, they have provided high-quality automotive software to independent used-car dealerships across the nation. Frazer currently serves more than 21,300 dealers helping them uncover details about their dealerships that they hadn't kept track of in the past. The company deals with Dealer Management Systems, Inventory Management, Customer Management, Forms Printing, and Accounting, Compliance

  • Rapid Recon

    Rapid Recon

    Rapid Recon offers one of the most revolutionary solutions in the auto dealership industry by assisting dealerships from the acquisition, to the inspection, servicing, detailing, right up to the frontline. With its T2L and ADR metrics, the company offers in-depth insights into the status of the car, the tracking of the work’s progress, and the performance of the team. This further helps to increase the transparency into the workflow, while reducing the time o recondition a car and resulting in productivity and profitability. The company has effectively brought together the workflow technology with mobile technology to enhance communications among every individual in the team, which makes every person accountable and helps in faster delivery of the car

  • VAuto


    vAuto is headquartered in Oakbrook Terrace, IL, a suburb of Chicago. vAuto also maintains a research and development center in Austin, TX and field office in Longmont, CO. vAuto provides innovative technology, tools and business intelligence to thousands of dealerships across the United States and Canada, helping them compete more effectively and increase new/used vehicle sales volumes and profits. The company offer computer software, automotive market data, new car inventory management & pricing, used car inventory management & pricing, and wholesale inventory. vAuto's solutions also include Conquest, a new vehicle inventory management and pricing system, and Stockwave, which enables dealers to efficiently find and purchase vehicles from leading wholesale sources via a single platform

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