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Top 10 Dealership Management Solution Companies - 2020

Today, auto manufacturers and OEMs are vastly dependent on dealership management systems (DMS) to customize manufacturing according to customer preferences. This customer-centric approach is resulting in many dealers updating their legacy systems to mobile platforms and cloud to engage customers and build data for future references. Successfully managing and growing dealership in a customer-driven marketplace needs more than just software. To that end, many solution and service providers who understand the pain points of dealerships are investing in advanced technologies to customize their offerings to automate dealership management processes and achieve greater productivity.

In this regard, artificial intelligence (AI) based tools like virtual assistants and chatbots are helping auto dealers manage their inquiries online. These applications work best for the basic level of customer services, like checking the availability and booking an appointment for vehicle service. Besides, by utilizing virtual reality (VR), it is becoming possible to acquaint customers with the look and feel of car interiors through a 360-degree viewing experience.

Cloud-based DMS is helping dealers who have multiple branches in assessing the performance of those offices from a central place. Moreover, the cloud feature also protects the dealership data from loss or theft. The additional benefits of cloud-based DMS software include reduced IT infrastructure and maintenance costs and greater flexibility for upgrading/downgrading cloud services on an as-needed basis. On the other hand, big data analytics is providing valuable insight into dealership operations. It is allowing executives and dealership managers to identify and focus on the core drivers of profitability.

At this juncture, there is a wide variety of solutions and service providers entering the industry with a set of advanced and integrated dealership management solutions and service offerings. To help companies navigate through the best-of-breed dealership management solution and service providers, Auto Tech Outlook has compiled this edition. Besides, the magazine also comprises insights from thought leaders in the sector on the industry trends, best practices, recent innovations, and their advice for the aspiring CIOs.

We present to you Auto Tech Outlook’s “Top 10 Dealership Management Solution Providers – 2020.”

    Top Dealership Management Solution Companies

  • DealersLink is a live market-data-driven new and used auto-dealership inventory management solution coupled with a billion dollars worth of on-demand dealer-direct inventory. The company leverages the best competitive retail pricing analytics, VDP data metrics, and inventory syndication tools to increase dealership profits. DealersLink enables dealers to fetch live market-driven vehicle data, source retail ready inventory and provides transparency in the automobile market. One-click OEM data and vehicle appraisals, the fastest mobile VIN scanner, integrated new car incentives, seamless 360 degree photo and video spins are some of the offerings from the company


  • Foureyes has developed a sales intelligence software built to help businesses track, protect, engage, and sell better. It is a modularized software with solutions geared to the needs of inventory-based businesses. The company helps auto dealerships work more efficiently and effectively by helping them get a handle on their lead pipeline. Once their pipeline is protected, Foureyes helps the dealers to be more informed about their customers to convert more of these leads to sales. Further Foureyes works alongside salespeople to engage their leads and bring warm opportunities to their inbox by focusing on insights, and not data for data’s sake


  • goIDitoffers a QR code-based solution to amplify the usefulness of online sales tools that can act as a virtual salesperson. The company has intuitively designed its solution around the speedy resourcefulness of QR codes. goIDit’s wireless sensor powered mobile applications extend an online shopping-like experience directly at the dealership location. The QR codes automatically link the tagged vehicle to the corresponding vehicle detail page on the dealer’s website. It, therefore, creates an ecosystem of convenience for both the dealers and the customers. For instance, with the help of the QR code, dealerships can easily find, track, and control their inventory by gathering real-time insights about each vehicle in dealers’ parking lot. Their customers, on the other hand, can enjoy the self-service features even at the dealership. They can use their smartphones’ default scanner to scan the QR codes of their preferred vehicle


  • TruVideo is a video first communication platform that allows service business'​ to virtually bring the customer into the service area and see what the technician sees. Service customers typically see increased revenue of between 10%-35% through the use of Truvideo's communication platform.TruVideo has been built by a dealer principal and has always focused on being the simplest to use video app on the market


  • Dealer Fx

    Dealer Fx

    Since 2007, Dealer-FX has been transforming how automotive retailers manage their service operations and how they interact with consumers. Through advanced data integrations and mobile technology, Dealer-FX streamlines processes and communication for automotive service departments while delivering convenience, transparency and trust to consumers

  • Dealer Specialties

    Dealer Specialties

    Dealer Specialties is the nation's leading provider of vehicle data collection, image generation, window labeling services, pricing analytics and inventory management and marketing. The company has been providing full-serve and self-serve solutions to new and used car dealers for 30 years. Since 1999, DataOne Software has fulfilled unique content and data needs in the automotive marketplace, providing businesses with cost-effective data integration and support for rapid technology development

  • DealerScience


    When third generation Honda dealer and DealerScience founder Andrew Gordon joined his family's Boston-based dealership in 2009, he was shocked. So much of his day-to-day consisted of repetitive tasks that left him anxious about mistakes and wishing there was more time to do what actually needed to get done. Andrew automated high impact, high effort tasks and, in less than one year, his dealership saw double their sales without adding a single staff member to their sales force. Offer new class of dealership solutions to dealers across the US. DealerScience works to keep high impact portions of dealership websites up-to-date without manager involvement

  • Empire Digital Signs

    Empire Digital Signs

    Empire Digital Signs, LLC, is a privately held company, owned and operating out of Rochester, NY. We are conveniently located at 200 West Ridge Road in the heart of Eastman Business Park. EDS provides a wide assortment of standard and interactive indoor and outdoor digital signage. We specialize in interactive kiosks, 3D wayfinding, digital menu boards, DOOH advertising networks, video walls, digital event rentals and so much more

  • SmartCo Services

    SmartCo Services

    SmartCo Services LLC is a web based technology company which was established in 2005. There are currently over 70 employees between our two office locations. Our headquarters, located in Taunton, Massachusetts and Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. SmartCo's primary product is a smart inventory program called PartsEye. This program is used by car dealerships internationally to optimize the inventory in their parts department by analyzing their data. We use PartsEye to see what parts a dealership is selling, what parts a dealership has in stock, and consider current industry trends to decide what parts a dealership should order on a daily basis

  • VinSolutions


    As the provider of Connect CRM, a leading dealership customer relationship management system, VinSolutions helps more than 5,000 dealers make every connection count. VinSolutions products integrate dealership systems, processes and tools to deliver a single view of the customer across the business – so dealers can focus on building relationships throughout the sales cycle. Founded in 2006 and headquartered in Mission, Kansas, VinSolutions fosters dealership success by providing a fully customizable suite of solutions, including equity mining, market pricing and desking tools, combined with the continuous, personal support of a designated Performance Manager. VinSolutions is OEM certified by every major manufacturer and is Autosoft, CDK, Reynolds & Reynolds and Dealertrack DMS certified

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